We provide testing and analysis services not available from conventional testing laboratories, e.g:

  • Metallography laboratory analysis e.g.: evaluates welding, brazing, soldering, other materials joining techniques, as well as products.
  • Helium leak testing: we employ highly sensitive mass spectrometer-type leak detectors in our materials testing lab to locate and quantify leaks in materials.聽 In addition, by using helium tracer gas, sensitivities to 6E-11 atm cc/sec are possible.
  • Electrical testing and qualification: these tests normally involve determining the electrical integrity of assemblies under hostile and unusual environments including high vacuum as well as high temperature.
  • Vacuum integrity: tests the suitability of a particular material or product for use in a vacuum environment.聽 Furthermore, it performs the analysis of constituents outgassing from novel materials, assemblies, as well as space hardware.
  • Residual gas analysis: tests the quality of the vacuum as well as detects contaminants.
  • Pressure testing: tests the integrity and strength of tubing, pressure vessels (heat exchangers), and other components.
  • Strength of materials
  • Failure analysis
  • Last, R&D or production contracts often require 蘑菇tv成年版 to develop and set up specific tests.